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Strong collaboration between cancer patients and their families and health care workers ●
It seems that it was that I was going to say that I had been thinking that my job I had been doing so far would retire from retirement and think that I would like to consider things I like from now on. It seems that he was just astonished that he was informed to his doctor at the end of stomach cancer. It is surgery to remove 2/3 of the stomach and remove the lymph node, the removal of “cancer” succeeded, side effects of anticancer drug to take when recovering until you can eat meals “I want to eat no. “ I began to think that seems to have consulted it to your family.

Families were indeed opposed but it is said that the principal inevitably “you should not eat if your meal is not delicious” , so when your son consults with your doctor ‘s doctor to see the doctor’ s will, since it to take properly is best to recover the physical strength is important, let’s stop taking the anti-cancer agent. Let the so instead stomach is small by using a medicine to help digestion to reduce the burden on the stomach. “ and It seems that it got acceptance and ceased taking anticancer drug.

After that, the taste became normal, the meal was taken deliciously, the physical strength also gradually recovered and it was possible to leave the hospital, in an interview with the doctor of the doctor and the family, “Since I got nutrition good nutrition good for digestion by a nutritionist, Please feel free to come to the hospital immediately when the condition is good “ and he told me that he used a lot of attention. Afterwards, she was well spent receiving instructions from her doctor ‘s doctor.

Currently, it is 72 years old and no matter how you look from anywhere, “Why are you doing so well?” When asking ” i = 13> ” I was smilingly answered “I smile every day and do something I like and do good things because I do not have to worry because I caught with cancer” . I thought that the disease was from anxiety, well.

I think that the intention to continue to live positively and comfortably with yourself, the warm follow-up and understanding of your family, and the flexible Fostolo of the doctor of your doctor invited good results.

● Please understand the patient’s feelings well ●
There was also a case opposite to this case, and it was a case that made me think.

Last year, this person passed away, “My husband has been indebted indebted. “ I came to greet this pharmacy at my family. Before life, we asked the rumor of our pharmacy somewhere, after purchasing Fucoidan, after the purchase of fucoidan, the appetite returned, the physical fitness was also restored, until it came to visit by car, and about his own medical condition “○ ○ cancer” I was consulted.

However, since half a year passed, I came to a store and it was thought “Was the symptom stabilized?” When I called, I was told by my family that the surprising situation was happening. The content was that I fell into distrust of medical care and became bedridden.

I was strongly encouraged to treat with “some anticancer drugs” from my doctor at my home hospital where my physical fitness was restored and my family agreed strongly with him. However, the person himself seemed to know the rumor of the medicine, “I do not want to use such a drug with low survival rate. It seems that my heart was shut down. This triggered medical distrust of the trigger rooted in my mind, I could not believe what the doctor said, treatment did not progress, passed away half a year later.

Actually, at that time, I should treat myself as much as possible. I remember saying that it is better to do anything that is possible.

Health care workers and their families <a I was keenly aware that it might be a pressure for the patient if I forced to do things that were far from my feeling of being patient “I would definitely have to do without it” . Let your sickness be yourselves to the last, understand that you are not a medical professional or family member, think about how important things are to respect yourself’s pace and intent It was done. (We take care of the patient’s privacy and we do not post information that can identify the name or patient.