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What is a payday loan?

Financial services are advancing by leaps and bounds, including financial aid. Probably you would never have imagined that asking for a loan would be so affordable for everyone, or that it would be so quick and simple.

Mini personal loans have become one of the stars of this market, as more and more people access these services in times of trouble to pay for small incidentals. When we think about credits, we imagine something complex, however, this help consists of low sums of money with a short return period.

Mini personal loans are services designed to get out of small financial troubles. The maximum amount of money that can be borrowed is 300 euros for the first credit and up to 900 euros for the second and the maximum term to return it is 33 days.

Due to their short-term nature, these credits are extremely useful to cover small holes or face unforeseen payments of not very high amounts.

What can a mini credit be for?

Mini credits can help you in a wide variety of situations and you can also get economic returns. Here are some of the cases in which it may be more profitable to ask for a quick loan than to postpone an unexpected payment:

  • Delay of salary: if for some reason the payment of your work is delayed, all the respective monthly payments can also be affected. Sometimes paying bills late may include a surcharge. However, in these cases, it may be more profitable to ask for a quick credit to cover these payments and return it once the salary is paid. In addition, the mini credit will avoid having to delay the payment of your rent or the purchase of monthly food.
  • Unforeseen: Unforeseen events are those accidents at home, a household appliance or any damage to the car, which causes our account to be affected due to that extra expense. But it does not always have to be a problem that takes away our sleep since with us you can now order up to € 900. Does this solve your unforeseen?
  • Fines: a fine is one of the unforeseen events that can deconstruct the planning of your monthly domestic economy if you do not have the current money at that time. For these cases, the help of the mini credit is important, because if you pay the fine in advance you will only have to pay half.
  • Back to school: summer is nearing its end and that means starting with the preparations for the return to school. This implies a high expense for families with children, mainly in the purchase of textbooks and school uniforms. It is a punctual disbursement for which microcredit can be of extreme utility.
  • Unexpected trip: if for some personal or professional reason you face the necessity of having to take an unexpected trip but do not have enough funds to finance it, do not doubt that a quick credit can be very useful at this moment.

How to request a quick loan of up to € 900?

Accessing these payday loans is very fast and extremely simple- Now! They are requested through the Internet and you can access them from anywhere, either with your computer, with a tablet or a mobile phone.

  1. Access with us.
  2. Indicate how much money you want to borrow and how long you can return it.
  3. If it is your first loan fast you can enjoy a promotional code with which you can save 50% on the interest of your loan.
  4. The automatic calculator will inform you of the interest payable, depending on the amount of money borrowed and the term.
  5. Fill in your basic personal information. You do not need to provide payroll or endorsements.
  6. In a matter of 1minuteste,s you can receive the money in your account.
  7. When it is time to return it, you can make a transfer or reimburse it automatically with your credit card through the website.

If you still have doubts about how to ask for your money, we will help you more with the loan calculation.